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Assault and battery are different but related charges, either one of which can result in physical or emotional harm to the victim. Assault is an intentional threat of physical harm against someone while battery is the actual act of carrying out that threat. That means battery is the physical act of actually hurting someone. However, that should not discount the harm that assault can do since it can have a negative effect on a person’s emotional state, leaving them feeling scared and vulnerable.

Robert J. Fiore, Trial Lawyer, understands the pain and anguish caused by assault and/or battery and he strongly represents his Miami clients who have been victims of either, or both, acts. That is because he has over thirty years of experience fighting for the rights of assault and battery victims from all across Miami. He uses all of his acquired legal knowledge and skills to give victims the best chance of getting the compensation and peace of mind that they deserve. 

Assault and Battery In Depth

As stated above assault is when someone threatens to cause violence to another. This has to be a legitimate threat that any reasonable person would assume was intentional rather than a  statement or joke that has been misinterpreted or misunderstood. The assault can be verbal but it can also be a gesture or action as well. In either case, the victim must believe that an attack is imminent.

Battery is when a person makes violent, physical contact with another. This means punching, kicking, shoving, headbutting, or any similar aggressive action meant to cause harm. Battery also includes hitting someone with an object or throwing an object at someone. Ripping someone’s clothes is also considered battery because the clothes are considered an extension of the person wearing them.

Don’t Be A Victim of Assault and Battery, Fight Back

If you have been a victim of assault and/or battery, Robert J. Fiore can help you get the justice you deserve. He has over thirty years of experience fighting on behalf of assault and battery victims in Miami. So contact Robert J. Fiore, Trial Lawyer, if you were the victim of an assault and battery.