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Bicycles and scooters are some of the most convenient ways to get around the increasingly congested streets of Miami. If you live or work in Downtown Miami, or in any similarly busy part of the city, then you have no doubt seen dozens of commuters using rented electrical scooters to zip around town, you may have even used one yourself. Electric and regular bicycles are also available for rental, and simply walking is always an option. 

However, most of these options come into conflict with motorists who have to share the roadways with other smaller vehicles. That means accidents are always a possibility and if one does happen, then it is the scooter rider, bicycle rider, or pedestrian who is at great risk. Should that happen to you or a loved one, contact Robert J. Fiore.

He has over 34 years of experience representing clients who have suffered various kinds of personal injuries. As he has done with people who have been in motor vehicle accidents that have been caused by negligence, he can get scooter riders, bicycle riders, and pedestrians the compensation that they need and that the law allows. The roads of Miami can be dangerous for everyone, but pedestrians, cyclists, and users of light electric vehicles are particularly vulnerable. That is why they need the help of an experienced attorney like Robert J. Fiore if they get into an accident.

The Laws for Bicycle Riders, Pedestrians, and Electric Scooter Riders in Miami

If you want to ensure your safety when riding or walking, then it is best if you follow the rules of the road for your specific mode of conveyance. There are established rules for cyclists and pedestrians but electric scooter rules are still evolving, though there are practical safety standards to follow.

Bicycle Laws For Miami

Image of Practice Area - Bicycle, Scooter and Pedestrian Accidents

In Miami, cyclists need to follow the same rules as drivers with a few exceptions. That means that they should stop at red lights, follow the stop sign rules, ride with the flow of traffic, and so on. Cyclists should stick to dedicated bike lanes but if there isn’t one, then they can ride in the regular car lane, though they are encouraged to stay on the right. 

Pedestrian Laws For Miami

Miami is a dangerous city for pedestrians because there is a lot of conflict between drivers and pedestrians about who has the right of way. In general, the rules for pedestrians are practical and self-evident. They should follow traffic signs and devices and they should stay on the sidewalk. If a pedestrian is in a location where no signs or traffic lights are present, then they have the right of way and drivers have to stop or slow down. 

Electric Scooter Laws For Miami

Electric scooters are a relatively new category of transportation and as such the laws are still evolving. However, the city of Miami has a pilot program that does set a few rules for scooter riders to follow, they are as follows:

  • Scooter riders must be at least eighteen years old and should have a valid driver’s license, or some other official form of identification
  • Only one person at a time is allowed to use a scooter 
  • Scooters cannot exceed 15MPH on streets and 7MPH on sidewalks
  • Helmets are not required but are recommended
  • Parents should not let young children use scooters

Liability For Bicycle, Scooter, Or Pedestrian Accidents in Miami

If the person who is the victim of the accident was following the law, then the onus is nearly always on the person whose negligence caused the accident. In the case of scooters and bicycles, the responsibility could also be on the manufacturer if an equipment malfunction was the cause of the accident.

Robert J. Fiore Will Help You With Your Bicycle, Scooter, Or Pedestrian Accident

An accident involving a bicycle, scooter, or pedestrian can be quite serious since the rider or walker will be unprotected. When you consider how serious the injuries from such an accident can be, it becomes clear why an experienced attorney is helpful to get you the compensation you need to take care of any medical bills, lost wages due to missing work, as well as pain and suffering and other damages. So contact Robert J. Fiore if you have been in a bicycle, pedestrian, or scooter accident to learn your legal rights and get the compensation that you need and that the law allows.