Boating and Jet Ski Accident Attorney Miami

Access to beautiful beaches, the ocean, and the waterways is one of the best things about living in Miami. And one of the ways people enjoy the water is with boats and jet skis, but just like the cars on Miami’s roads, the boats on Miami’s water are susceptible to accidents. In some ways a water accident can be even more dangerous than a road accident because drowning is a distinct possibility. That is why everyone should be careful when they drive a boat or pilot a jet ski. But in the event that an accident does happen, then you should contact Robert J. Fiore to fully understand your legal rights.

Mr. Fiore has over 34 years of experience helping people with their accident claims, on land and on the water. He is dedicated to helping people get the compensation they need to take care of their injury-related expenses no matter where that injury occurred. So, if you were injured by a boat or jet ski in Miami, then contact Robert J. Fiore to get the help you need.

Types of Boat and Jet Ski Accidents In Miami

Since boats and jet skis do not have the kind of responsive steering or brake control that land vehicles do, they can be tricky to control, especially for casual users, and especially at high speeds, which is how many boat and jet ski accidents occur. That means great care needs to be taken in order to avoid the most common types of accidents involving personal watercraft (PWC):

  • Collisions with other PWC
  • Collisions with stationary objects like buoys, docks, or sandbars
  • Hitting swimmers
  • Running the PWC aground
  • Capsizing
  • Getting knocked off the PWC at a high velocity
  • Engine fire or explosion

Those accidents are all very dangerous and can result in significant injuries to both the driver of the boat or jet ski and to the people around them. 

Reasons For Boat and Jet Ski Accidents in Miami

There are many different reasons for these kinds of accidents, some of them can be chalked up to inexperience, but in many cases, negligence is the reason. Negligence can result in the following kinds of behaviors:

  • Speeding
  • Navigating in poor weather
  • Running into big waves or wakes at high speeds
  • Operating a boat with too many people on board
  • Navigating a crowded waterway at high speeds
  • Operating a PWC while under the influence of alcohol or drugs
  • Failing to follow the rules

These acts can all lead to the type of accidents listed in the previous section, which is why the operator of any PWC must be careful and be aware of their surroundings.

Responsibility For Boat and Jet Ski Accidents in Miami

Image of Practice Area - Boating and Jet Ski Accidents

There are a number of different parties who could be potentially responsible for your jet ski accident. It really depends on the situation in which the accident happened. In most cases the operator of the PWC that caused your accident is the main culprit. If a negligent operator plowed into you, then they are the ones who are liable. 

In other cases, the company that rents out the PWC could be liable. That is the case if the accident was caused by an equipment failure because the company did not maintain their boats or jet skis properly. A rental company could also be liable if they knowingly rented out a vehicle to someone that was drunk or on drugs. Even if the impaired operator caused the accident, the rental company could still be held liable. If the accident was caused by an equipment failure but the rental company carefully maintained their equipment, then it could be the case that the manufacturer is liable for the accident.

How a Boat and Jet Ski Attorney Can Help You

As with car accidents, boat and jet ski accidents fall under the umbrella of personal injury law, and as with car accidents, an experienced personal injury lawyer is invaluable. That is because they can help you recover compensation for the damages caused by the accident. Those damages include medical bills for your injury treatment; lost wages for being unable to work while you are recovering or being unable to work at the same capacity in the future; pain and suffering and other damages.

Contact Robert J. Fiore If You Have Been In a Boat or Jet Ski Accident in Miami

A boat or jet ski is a great way to enjoy Miami’s waterways, which is why everyone should follow the rules and respect all of the other people out there enjoying the water. When someone ruins the fun for everyone else by operating their PWC in a negligent and careless manner and causing an accident, then they need to be held responsible. The same goes for any rental company that is responsible for an accident as well. That is why you should contact Boat and Jet Ski Attorney, Robert J. Fiore. He has over three decades of experience representing people who have been injured in boat and jet ski accidents. He is a strong advocate for you to receive the compensation that you need for any injury-related expenses.