Commercial Litigation Attorney Miami

Commercial litigation is something any business owner hopes that they never have to deal with. That is because breach-of-contract lawsuits, class-action suits, business torts, and other such disputes can cause a serious disruption to your business if not end it entirely. Regardless of whether your business is large or small, local or international, that kind of disruption is always harmful. You will want commercial litigation cases to be resolved swiftly and in your favor.

Commercial litigation is a protean field of practice that spans a wide variety of different types of cases, which is why you need a knowledgeable attorney with an adaptable and flexible skillset to represent you. Robert J. Fiore has over thirty years of experience representing business owners facing commercial litigation lawsuits. If you are facing commercial litigation, then you need someone with the skill and experience to successfully handle any kind of case that comes your way. Robert J. Fiore, Trial Lawyer, can help you.

What is Considered Commercial Litigation?

Commercial litigation covers a wide spectrum of cases related to all types of business conflicts. That is a rather broad generalization of course, for more specific types of commercial litigation, keep reading to see the most common types of cases we cover and how we can help you with them.

Breach of Contract

A breach of contract arises when someone refuses to hold up their end of an official agreement or contract. The breach occurs when one party refuses to, intends to, or is unable to fulfill their contractual obligations. When a breach of contract happens, the remedy is to award the aggrieved party for the damages caused by the breach.  Robert J. Fiore can help you resolve your breach of contract case so that you get what you were promised or get compensated for the loss you suffered because of the breach. 

Business Torts

Business torts, also called economic torts, are a broad category, but in general, they are wrongful actions performed against a business that cause harm to that business. The type of harm can include any or all of the following:

  • Loss of profits
  • Loss of reputation
  • Loss of competitive advantage
  • Loss of market share

A tort may be committed intentionally or it may be caused by reckless or irresponsible behavior.  Some kinds include the theft of trade secrets; trade libel, which is the intentional publication of negative falsehoods about a business; tortious interference, which is when a company illegally interferes with the business relationships or contracts of another business. 

When faced with a business tort case, we endeavor to remedy it by seeking compensation for the damages incurred by the tort and, where applicable, obtaining restraining orders or injunctions for any defamatory or disparaging statements against your business.

Do Not Let Commercial Litigation Ruin Your Business

As you can see, there are many different forms of commercial litigation, so if your business is unfortunate enough to face such a suit, Robert J. Fiore is the Miami litigation attorney who can help you. 

His three decades of experience means he can represent businesses facing the looming threat of commercial litigation. Your business is a result of your hard work and dedication, that is why you need someone serious, hardworking, and dedicated to protect it from litigation. Robert J. Fiore, Trial Lawyer, can help you and your business.